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leaders must preserve hard line combat capabilities as they shrink the army while raising education and standards which softened as the force rapidly grew at the height of fighting two wars. second, the guard and reserve developed formidable fighting skills that will be difficult to pre search. doing so is critical as is the need to integrate components. third the army must improve its specific strategy and presence. it is already building regional partnerships to improve cooperation, training and stability efforts that will be helped by having a respected australian major general, rick burr, as the pacific command. the army must welcome closer air force navy cooperation and refine its key develop rations to regional operations especially missile defense, special operations, light infantry and airborne forces, logistics as well as humanitarian and disaster relief capabilities. finally the army must ensure units and equipment have the broadest utility around the globe instead of being narrowly tailored. the army must emerge from the drawdown ready to face missions both similar and f
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1